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      Photoacoustic investigation of transport in semiconductors: Theoretical and experimental study of a Ge single crystal [1]
      Photoacoustic investigations of thermal and electronic properties of single crystal Ge doped with Cr [1]
      Photoacoustic properties of single crystal PbTe(Ni) [1]
      Photocatalytic activity of ZnO-PEO composites [1]
      Photocatalytic and sonocatalytic degradation procedures of methylene blue dye using a ZnO nanostructured powders [1]
      Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and oxytetracycline via sol-gel synthesized pseudobrookite [1]
      Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue under natural sunlight using iron titanate nanoparticles prepared by a modified sol–gel method [1]
      Photoelectochemical behavior of TiO2-NT’s modified with SILAR deposited iron oxide [1]
      Photoluminescent properties of nanostructured Y2O 3:Eu3+ powders obtained through aerosol synthesis [1]
      Photopyropiezoelectric elastic bending method [1]
      Photorefractive and photoconductive features of the nanostructured materials [1]
      Physical Properties of Sintered Alumina Doped with Different Oxides [1]
      Piezoelectric polymer/ceramic nanostructures for mechanical energy harvesting [1]
      Plasmon enhanced luminescence in hierarchically structured Ag@ (Y0.95Eu0.05)2O3 nanocomposites synthesized by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis [2]
      Platinum Nanocatalysts at Titanium Oxide Based Supports for Low Temperature Fuel Cell Applications [1]
      PLGA/Nano-ZnO Composite Particles for Use in Biomedical Applications: Preparation, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Activity [1]
      Point defect-enhanced optical and photoelectrochemical water splitting activity of nanostructured Zn1-xFeyO(1-x+1.5y) [1]
      Poly (DL-lactide-co-glycolide) nanospheres with encapsulated selenium nanoparticles as a system with therapeutic functionality [1]
      Poly (ε-caprolactone) microspheres for prolonged release of selenium nanoparticles [2]
      Poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide)/hydroxyapatite core-shell nanospheres. Part 1: A multifunctional system for controlled drug delivery [1]