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      Application of hydroxyapatite granules in mastoid obliteration [1]
      Application of Kinect-type sensor in acquisition of hand joint trajectories [1]
      Application of magnetite/3D-printed wollastonite hybrid sorbent for As(V) removal from water [1]
      Application of Minkowski layer for microalloyed alumo-silicate ceramics grains fractal analysis [1]
      Application of multiparametric cardiac measurement system in ejection fraction calculation [1]
      Application of Nanocrystalline Pseudobrookite (Fe2TiO5) Thick Films for Humidity Sensing [2]
      Application of peach shells for the removal of methylene blue and brilliant green [1]
      Application of polyaniline in corrosion protection of metals [1]
      Application of raw peach shell particles for removal of methylene blue [1]
      Application of silane grafted titanate nanotubes in reinforcing of polyamide 11 composites [1]
      Application of sonochemistry for formation of nanosized silver and silver/hydroxyapatite composite particles [1]
      Application of thick film segmented thermistors for measurement and analysis of ground top layer temperature profile [1]
      Argon/dust and pure argon pulsed plasmas explored using a spatially-averaged model [1]
      Arsenic removal by magnetite-loaded amino modified nano/microcellulose adsorbents: Effect of functionalization and media size [1]
      Artificial fly ash based aggregates properties influence on lightweight concrete performances [1]
      Assembly of Polymers/Metal Nanoparticles and their Applications as Medical Devices [1]
      Assessing electrical properties of ceramic samples [1]
      Assessment of CaTiO3, CaMnO3, CaZrO3 and Ca2Fe2O5 perovskites as heterogeneous base catalysts for biodiesel synthesis [1]
      Assessment of intensive grinding effects on alumina as refractory compound: Acceleration of γ to α phase transformation mechanism [1]
      Assessment of Spasticity by a Pendulum Test in SCI Patients Who Exercise FES Cycling or Receive only Conventional Therapy [2]