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      Ni(II) complex with bishydrazone ligand: synthesis, characterization, DNA binding studies and pro–apoptotic and pro–differentiation induction in human cancerous cell lines [1]
      Ni-(Ebonex-supported Ir) composite coatings as electrocatalysts for alkaline water electrolysis. Part I: Hydrogen evolution [1]
      Ni-(Ebonex-supported Ir) composite coatings as electrocatalysts for alkaline water electrolysis. Part II: Oxygen evolution [1]
      Ni-MoO2 composite cathodes for hydrogen evolution in alkaline solution: Effect of aging of the electrolyte for their electrodeposition [1]
      NiA and NiX zeolites as bifunctional electrocatalysts for water splitting in alkaline media [2]
      Nikola Hajdin: the most important scientific and professional accomplishments in foreign literature commentaries : on the occasion of his eighty-fifth birthday [1]
      Niobium doping effect on BaTiO3 structure and dielectric properties [1]
      NIR photo-driven upconversion in amino and carboxyl functionalized NaYF4:Yb,Er particles for in vitro cancer cell imaging [1]
      NIR photo-driven upconversion in NaYF4:Yb,Er/PLGA particles for in vitro bioimaging of cancer cells [2]
      Non-isothermal crystallization of lithium germanophosphate glass studied by different kinetic methods [1]
      Non-noble metal composite cathodes for hydrogen evolution. Part I: The Ni–MoOx coatings electrodeposited from Watt’s type bath containing MoO3 powder particles [1]
      Novel amino modified GMA-EGDMA-m-PMMA monolith for efficient cationic pollutant removal [1]
      Novel cross-linkers for asymmetric poly-AMPS-based proton exchange membranes for fuel cells [1]
      Novel fractal analysis of nanograin growth in BaTiO3 thin film [2]
      Novel in-situ synthesis of hydroxyapatite/titanium oxide composite coatings on titanium by simultaneous anodization/anaphoretic electrodeposition [1]
      Novel modified nanocellulose applicable as reinforcement in high-performance nanocomposites [2]
      Novel resveratrol delivery systems based on alginate-sucrose and alginate-chitosan microbeads containing liposomes [1]
      Novel uniaxial anemometer containing NTC thick film segmented thermistors [1]
      Novel utilization of fly ash for high-temperature mortars: Phase composition, microstructure and performances correlation [1]
      Novi način formiranja kompozitnih prevlaka [1]