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      Regeneration bone tissue by new nanoparticules system based on hydroxiapatite as systems for local delivery of vitamin D3 [1]
      Reheating of zinc-titanate sintered specimens [1]
      Relationship between the properties of an interlayer formed by in situ Ti anodization and anaphoretically deposited hydroxyapatite [1]
      Reliable low-cost experimental setup for material synthesis modification by applying alternating electric fields [1]
      Removal of uranium (VI) from aqueous solution by acid modified zeolites [1]
      Rendgenska analiza nanostrukturnih prahova kalcijum fosfata dobijenih novim postupcima sinteze [1]
      Resonant Frequency and Phase Noise of Nanoelectromechanical Oscillators Based on Two-dimensional Crystal Resonators [1]
      RF MEMS and NEMS components and adsorption-desorption induced phase noise [1]
      Rheology and Microstructures of Rennet Gels from Differently Heated Goat Milk [1]
      Rietveld refinement of barium titanate stannate crystal structure [1]
      Robocasting of controlled porous CaSiO3–SiO2 structures: Architecture – Strength relationship and material catalytic behavior [2]
      Routes and pathways to small particles based on hydroxyapatite [1]
      Safe trapping of Cs radionuclides in sintered matrix of zeolites [1]
      Safety and Ergonomic Design Issues of Certain Types of Robots [1]
      Scanning electron microscopy analysis of changes of hydroxiapatite/poly-l-lactide with different molecular weight of PLLA after intraperitoneal implantation [1]
      Scanning electron microscopy study of changes in nanoparticles surface under in vitro simulated physiological conditions [1]
      Science of Sintering in the XXI Century : book of abstracts / X World Round Table Conference on Sintering [1]
      Screen printed BaTi1-xSnxO3 multilayer materials [1]
      Seawater zinc/polypyrrole-air cell possessing multifunctional charge-discharge characteristics [1]
      Segmented thermistors printed by NTC nanometric paste and applied in volume air-flow sensors [1]