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      Decarbonylation of Aromatic Aldehydes and Dehalogenation of Aryl Halides Using Maghemite-Supported Palladium Catalyst [1]
      Decopperization process of waste solutions from conventional copper electrolysis [1]
      Deep insight into the photoluminescent monocrystalline particles: Heat-treatment, structure, mechanisms and mechanics [1]
      Dehydration investigations of a refractory concrete using DTA method [1]
      Dehydration kinetics investigation of refractory concrete during sintering using DTA method [1]
      Dense fine-grained biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) bioceramics designed by two-step sintering [1]
      Dense spherical rare oxide particles synthesis via spray pyrolysis of polymeric precursor solution [1]
      Densification rate and phase structure changes during sintering of zinc titanate ceramics [1]
      Densification, Microstructure, and Electrical Properties of BaTiO3 (BT) Ceramics Prepared from Ultrasonically De-Agglomerated BT Powders [1]
      Density and electrical properties of cordierite based ceramics as function of compaction pressure [1]
      Density of the ZnTiO3 nanopowder as a loose powder and as a compact obtained by different methods [1]
      Design and Processing of Photoresponsive Hierarchical Nanomaterials using Innovative Synthesis Routes [1]
      Design of a polyaniline based biosensor electrode for glucose: A comparative study of two immobilized systems [1]
      Designing, fabrication and characterization of nanostructured functionally graded HAp/BCP ceramics [2]
      Detection Limit for an Adsorption-Based Mercury Sensor [1]
      Determination of clindamycin in pig plasma after implantation of poly(D,Llactide-co-glycolide)/hydroxyapatite/clindamycin core–shell nanosphere by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry [1]
      Determination of glucose using polyaniline modified electrode [1]
      Determination of Particle Size Distributions by Laser Diffraction [1]
      Determination of the zinc and cadmium contents in low-alloyed tin [1]
      Determination of thermodynamic interactions of poly(l-lactide) and biphasic calcium phosphate/poly(l-lactide) composite by inverse gas chromatography at infinite dilution [1]