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      CaCu3Ru4O12/CaCu3Ti4O12/CaCu3Ru4O12 functionally graded electronic ceramics [1]
      Calcium diglyceroxide synthesized by mechanochemical treatment, its characterization and application as catalyst for fatty acid methyl esters production [1]
      Calcium Phosphate Ceramics Calcium Phosphate Ceramics - Bioresorbable Polymer Composite Biomaterials : from synthesis to applications : (1999-2007) [1]
      Calcium phosphate nanoparticles as intrinsic inorganic antimicrobials: In search of the key particle property [2]
      Calibration of depth measurement model for Kinect-type 3D vision sensors [2]
      Calibration of Kinect-type RGB-D sensors for robotic applications [1]
      Carbon coated LiFePO4 cathode material obtained by freeze-drying method [1]
      Catalytic combustion of methane over Pd containing perovskite type oxides [1]
      Cell response to intraperitoneal pdms/HAp composite implant [1]
      Cell-selective toxicity of hydroxyapatite-chitosan oligosaccharide lactate particles loaded with a steroid cancer inhibitor [1]
      Ceramic materials and energy - Extended Coble’s model and fractal nature [1]
      Cesium removal from aqueous solution by natural mineral clinoptilolite [1]
      Changes in Storage Properties of Hydrides Induced by Ion Irradiation [1]
      Changes of HAp/PLLA biocomposites and tissue reaction after subcutaneous implantation [1]
      Chapter 1 - Biomedical inorganic nanoparticles: preparation, properties, and perspectives [1]
      Chapter 11 – Polymeric micro- and nanoparticles for controlled and targeted drug delivery [1]
      Chapter 1: Biomedical Applications of Nanostructured Polymeric Materials [1]
      Characterisation of dispersive systems using a coherer [1]
      Characterisation of Mn0.63Zn0.37Fe2O4 powders after intensive milling and subsequent thermal treatment [2]
      Characteristics of Mortar from fhe Archeolical Site Romuliana – Gamzigrad [1]