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      LaMO3 (M = Mg, Ti, Fe) perovskite type oxides: Preparation, characterization and catalytic properties in methane deep oxidation [1]
      Lanthanide doped hydroxyapatite for multimodal imaging [1]
      Lead telluride doped with Au as a very promising material for thermoelectric applications [1]
      Lepidocrocite-like ferrititanate nanosheets and their full exfoliation with quaternary ammonium compounds [1]
      Li2FeSiO4 cathode material: the structure and electrochemical performances [1]
      Libraries and Wikipedia Together on the Web: Open Knowledge for Everyone [1]
      Libraries of Research Institutes and Organizations: Legislative Framework and Practice [1]
      LiFePO4 nanocrystals synthesis by hydrothermal reduction method [1]
      Lightweight construction ceramic composites based of pelletized fly ash aggregate [1]
      Line-profile analysis of nanostructured ZnO powders obtained by freeze-drying method [1]
      Literature search [1]
      Local film thickness and photoresponse of thin anodic TiO2 films on polycrystalline titanium [1]
      Lomovi kondenzatorskih cevi od mesinga [1]
      Low temperature effects on up-conversion emission of Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped Y2O3 [1]
      Low temperature sensitivity of upconversion emission in Y2O3:Yb,Tm and Y2O3:Yb,Ho powders [1]
      Macro and Micro-Scale Features of Thermoelectric PbTe (Br, Na) Systems: Micro-FTIR Spectroscopy, Micro-Seebeck Measurements, and SEM/EDX Observations [1]
      Magnetic properties of nanostructured SiOo2:Eu3+ powders [1]
      Magnetic properties of nickel manganite obtained by a complex polymerization method [1]
      Magnetically recoverable photocatalysts based on metal oxide nanostructures (Fe and Zn) [1]
      Magneto-optical effects in 1-xAsx with x=0.01: Comparison with topo- logical insulator Bi1-xSbx with x=0.20 [1]