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      HAp:Co as tunable VIS-NIR reflective pigment [1]
      Hemolytic activity of bioactive nanocomposites [1]
      Hepatoprotective effect of fullerenol/doxorubicin nanocomposite in acute treatment of healthy rats [1]
      Hidrotermalna sinteza katodnog materijala LiFePO4 u prisustvu organske komponente [1]
      Hidrotermalna sinteza nanostrukturnih oksidnih prahova i njihova karakterizacija [1]
      High performance proton conducting membranes for fuel cells made by photopolymerization of hydrolytically stable monomers [1]
      High temperature sintering kinetics of a-Al2o3 powder [1]
      High-energy spectroscopy of YbM2P2 compounds [1]
      Highly selective anticancer activity of core shell particles based on hydroxyapatite, chitosan lactate and different androstane derivatives [1]
      Highly sensitive graphene-based chemical and biological sensors with selectivity achievable through low-frequency noise measurement — Theoretical considerations [1]
      Hiperdezinfekcija bunara za vodosnabdevanje tipa Reni [1]
      Histochemical observation and the analysis of biochemical bone regeneration markers in treatment of an osteoporotic rat bone with Ca/Co-HAp nanoparticles [1]
      Ho2O3 Additive Effects on BaTiO3 Ceramics Microstructure and Dielectric Properties [1]
      Ho2O3 Additive Effects on Microstructure and Dielectrical Properties of BaTiO3 Ceramics [1]
      Humanoid robot Marko - an assistant in therapy for children [1]
      Humidity sensing potential of Fe2TiO5—pseudobrookite [2]
      Humidity sensing potential of iron manganite (FeMNO3) [1]
      Humidity sensing properties of nanocrystalline pseudobrookite (Fe2TiO5) based thick films [2]
      Hydro/solvo-thermal synthesis of surface modified NaYF4 co-doped Yb3+/Er3+ up-conversion nanoparticles [1]
      Hydrogen storage in a layered flexible [Ni2(btc)(en)2]n coordination polymer [2]