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      Barium titanate stannate functionally graded materials: Choosing of the Ti/Sn concentration gradient and the influence of the gradient on electrical properties [1]
      Barium-zinc-titanate ceramics [1]
      BaTiO3 – ceramics and Fractal Microstructure Analyses [1]
      BaTiO3-ceramics and grain growth engineering using fractal nature approach [1]
      BaTiO3-ceramics electroresistivity and Haywang intergranular capacity fractals model [1]
      Battery type hybrid supercapacitor based on polypyrrole and lead-lead sulfate [1]
      Behaviour of non-standard composition copper bearing anodes from the copper refining process [1]
      Biblioteke i Vikipedija zajedno na vebu: slobodno znanje za sve [1]
      Biblioteke naučnoistraživačkih instituta i ustanova: zakonodavni okvir i praksa [1]
      Bifunctional catalytic activity of Zn1−xFexO toward the OER/ORR: seeking an optimal stoichiometry [2]
      Bioactive composite materials in regeneration of the resorbed bone of alveolar ridges [1]
      Biocompatible Materials labelled with Microenvironment Responsive MRI Probes for the follow-up of Cell Transplants [1]
      Biodegradable composites based on nanocrystalline calcium phosphate and bioresorbable polymers [1]
      Biodegradable microparticles as scaffolds for cell therapy [1]
      Biodegradable polymer/hydrogel composite for controlled delivery of cationic formulations [1]
      Biodiesel synthesis and kinetic analysis based on MnCO3/Na silicate as heterogeneous catalyst [1]
      Biodiesel synthesis based on CaO·ZnO.K2CO3 as catalyst [1]
      Biofuel cell based on horseradish peroxidase immobilized on copper sulfide as anode for decolorization of anthraquinone AV109 dye [1]
      Biomaterials and their application in preprosthetic surgical procedure [1]
      Biomaterijali [1]