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      Safe trapping of Cs radionuclides in sintered matrix of zeolites [1]
      Safety and Ergonomic Design Issues of Certain Types of Robots [1]
      Scanning electron microscopy analysis of changes of hydroxiapatite/poly-l-lactide with different molecular weight of PLLA after intraperitoneal implantation [1]
      Scanning electron microscopy study of changes in nanoparticles surface under in vitro simulated physiological conditions [1]
      Science of Sintering in the XXI Century : book of abstracts / X World Round Table Conference on Sintering [1]
      Screen printed BaTi1-xSnxO3 multilayer materials [1]
      Seawater zinc/polypyrrole-air cell possessing multifunctional charge-discharge characteristics [1]
      Segmented thermistors printed using NTC nanometric paste on alumina and Sr-ferrite substrates [1]
      Selective anticancer activity of hydroxyapatite/chitosan-poly(D,L)-lactide-co-glycolide particles loaded with an androstane-based cancer inhibitor [1]
      Selective anticancer activity of hydroxyapatite/chitosan-poly(d,l)-lactide-co-glycolide particles loaded with an androstane-based cancer inhibitor [1]
      Selenium nanoparticles as a potential candidate in cancer treatment [1]
      Selenium nanoparticles for biomedical application [1]
      Self-limiting interactions in 2D–0D system: A case study of graphene oxide and 12-tungstophosphoric acid nanocomposite [1]
      Serbia Robotics Hall of Fame: The Impact of the Past [2]
      Serbia Robotics Hall of Fame: the Impact of the Past [1]
      Setting the scene for a sustainable national repository network in Serbia [1]
      Ship Analyzers : analog computers for efficient ship calculation [1]
      Shungite - a Russian mineral: possible application as a microwave absorber [1]
      Shungite – a carbon-mineral rock material: Its sinterability and possible applications [1]
      Signali i sistemi u rehabilitaciji [1]