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On the lexical family of PSI. *brъstь/*brъstъ ‘bud, sprout, shoot; fodder’

dc.creatorБјелетић, Марта
dc.description.abstractThe paper offers an analysis of the lexical family of the PSI. *broste f./*brosto m. ‘bud, sprout, shoot’, which 1s aboundantly present in South Slavic languages. Its semantics emphasizes the fact that it nominates some sort of cattle feed: ‘young branches, buds and leaves as a fodder’, ‘to tear off and eat foliage (of cattle)’. A review of existing explanations shows that PSI. *broste/*broste does not have an unanimously accepted etymology. It is usually interpreted as deriving either from PIE. *bhrud- -ti-s (*bhreu-d-) ‘to sprout, spring up’ (Bezlaj; BER; Machek) or from PIE. *bhreu-s- ‘to spring up, blow up’ (Skok; Snoj). The possibility that it is cognate with the PSI. verb *brovsati < PIE. * bhreu-k- ‘to wipe, take off, tear’ is also taken into consideration (ESSJa). As far as phonetics is concerned, PSI. *brъstь/*brъstъ could be regularly derived from any of the three verb roots mentioned above (*bhrus-, *bhrud(h)-, *bhruk-). When it comes to word-formation, the dilemma arises whether *broste is the result of independent word- formation by suffix *-tei/*-ti (from one of those roots) or it is derived by suffix *-ei/-i from the stem of passive participle *broste (which itself could also be traced back to one of those hypothetical verb stems). In situations when there are multiple formaly possible explanations, it is necessary to reach out for semantic arguments. Departing from the predominant meanings of South Slavic lexemes, offered in this paper is the following interpretation: PSI. *brъstь/*brъstъ < PIE. *bhreu-k- ‘to wipe, take off, tear’, *bhruk-to- ‘torn off > ‘that which is torn off (young branches, buds, leaves)’ > ‘cattle feed’. wipe, take off, tear’, *bhruk-to- ‘torn off > ‘that which is torn off (young branches, buds, leaves)’ > ‘cattle feed’.en
dc.description.abstractУ раду се разматра ареал, семантика и порекло лексичке породице псл.*brъstь/*brъstъ т. пупољак, изданак, посебно развијене у јужнословенским језицима. Уз коментар досадашњих етимолошких тумачења дате лексеме, чини се покушај да се на основу новог, релевантног дијалекатског материјала утврди које од тих тумачења има најизгледније перспективе.sr
dc.publisherLjubljana : Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZUsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/178007/RS//sr
dc.sourcePraslovanska dialektizacija v luči etimoloških raziskav : Ob stoti obletnici rojstva akademika Franceta Bezlajasr
dc.subjectпрасловенски језикsr
dc.subjectјужнословенски језициsr
dc.subjectсрпски језикsr
dc.subject*brъstь f./*brъstъ
dc.titleО лексичкој породици псл. *brъstь/*brъstъ „пупољак, изданак; храна за стоку“sr
dc.titleOn the lexical family of PSI. *brъstь/*brъstъ ‘bud, sprout, shoot; fodder’en
dcterms.abstractBjeletić, Marta; On the lexical family of PSI. *brъstь/*brъstъ ‘bud, sprout, shoot; fodder’; O leksičkoj porodici psl. *brъstь/*brъstъ „pupoljak, izdanak; hrana za stoku“;

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