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Clauses of Cause with the Conjunction ako in Contemporary Serbian

dc.creatorТанасић, Срето З.
dc.description.abstractУ раду се говори о узрочним зависносложеним реченицама с везником ако. Иако je овај везник примарно везник условних реченица, он у неким случајевима може да се јави и у узрочним реченицама. На грађи прикупљеној из књижевноумјетничког и жураналистичког стила приказује се структура тих реченица и утврђује начин на који се примарно условно значење везника ако замјењује узрочним у таквим реченицама.sr
dc.description.abstractClauses of cause in contemporary Serbian have specific causal conjunctions as indicators of their meaning. However, apart from those specific conjunctions, there are a number of conjunctions not having a primarily causal meaning. The conjunction ako, whose primary meaning is conditional, also belongs in that category. Consequently, it cannot secure the clause a causal character; the sentence-related or broader context plays an important role in that. Often the words već and onda have a decisive role in securing the causal meaning within the complex sentence with this conjunction. The word već occurs in the subordinate clause and functions as a verifier of the causal meaning. As a rule, it occurs directly after the conjunction ako, from which it can be separated by means of an enclitic only. The word onda occurs as a correlative in the main clause. It also functions as a verifier of the conjunction's causal meaning. As this correlative also occurs in the main clause of typical conditional sentences, it means that the correlative itself is not always sufficient to provide the causal meaning to the conjunction, but has to be assisted by sentence-related or broader extra-sentence context. There are sentences that do not contain the words već in the subordinate or onda in the main clause. In that case, the context has the crucial role in obliterating the conditional and furnishing the causal meaning to the conjunction ako.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Филолошки факултетsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/178021/RS//sr
dc.sourceСрпски језикsr
dc.subjectсрпски језикsr
dc.subjectSerbian languagesr
dc.subjectузрочна реченицаsr
dc.subjectвезник акоsr
dc.subjectclause of causesr
dc.subjectconjunction akosr
dc.titleУзрочне реченице с везником ако у савременом српском језикуsr
dc.titleClauses of Cause with the Conjunction ako in Contemporary Serbianen
dcterms.abstractTanasić, Sreto Z.; Uzročne rečenice s veznikom ako u savremenom srpskom jeziku;

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