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Aleksandar Belić and The South Slavic Philologist

dc.creatorТанасић, Срето
dc.description.abstractУ раду ће се говорити о значају Јужнословенског филолога у српској филологији уз нешто детаљнији осврт на његову улогу у упознавању српске научне јавности са страним филологијама – источнословенском и западнословенском, као и на сарадњу слависта са тих страна словенског свијета с Јужнословенским филологом у вријеме кад је часопис водио Александар Белић.sr
dc.description.abstractThe South Slavic Philologist was established by Ljubomir Stojanović and Aleksandar Belić in 1913 in order to fill the gap in the domain of journals that would treat philological studies of the Serbian language and relate Serbian Slavic studies with global Slavic studies and philology in general. Nowadays it is among the oldest, but also the most reputable journals in the world of Slavic studies. Its contribution to the development of Serbian and South Slavic philology, to the education of scholars, and to the presentation of results of Serbian philology is invaluable. Although the South Slavic Philologist is a journal primarily intended for Serbian and South Slavic philology, throughout its publication it has preserved creative ties between Serbian and global Slavic studies; it was through this journal that the Serbian public gained insights into what was produced in other corners of the Slavic studies world. Conversely, this journal was a mirror of Serbian Slavic studies for foreign Slavic scholars. As the South Slavic Philologist reaches all the major Slavic centres in the world, global Slavic scholars also received information on what was produced in our linguistics. Belić is responsible for a solid foundation of the South Slavic Philologist profile, for making an immense effort and putting his outstanding scholarly reputation into it and thus securing its high level in the linguistic world, which this journal has enjoyed for over a century.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Филолошки факултетsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/178021/RS//
dc.sourceАлександар Белић, српски лингвиста века. Књ. 2sr
dc.subjectАлександар Белићsr
dc.subjectЈужнословенски филологsr
dc.subjectAleksandar Belić
dc.subjectJužnoslovenski filolog (journal)
dc.subjectSerbian language studies
dc.titleАлександар Белић и Јужнословенски филологsr
dc.titleAleksandar Belić and The South Slavic Philologisten
dcterms.abstractTanasić, Sreto; Aleksandar Belić i Južnoslovenski filolog;

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