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      Belgrade's General Plan 1923: a comparison of planned to completed. [1]
      Chrysomelidae fauna (Coleoptera) of Obedska bara and Mt. Fruška gora [1]
      Conceptual Framework for the Social Vulnerability Assessment to Natural Hazards in Serbia [1]
      Factors of genesis of the torrential floods in Serbia [1]
      Fauna Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) Obedske bare i Fruške gore [1]
      Geoecological determinants of the protection and revitalization of water. [1]
      Geographical aspects of natural disasters in Šumadija [1]
      Geosystem foundations of environmental governance [1]
      Hidrološke suše u slivu Velike Morave [1]
      Hydrological droughts in the basin of Velika Morava [1]
      Influence of anthropogenic factors on intensity of erosion in southeastern Serbia [1]
      Konceptualni okvir za procenu socijalne ranjivosti od prirodnih hazarda u Srbiji [1]
      Kvalitet agroturizma Vojvodine i njegov uticaj na stavove lokalnog stanovništva [1]
      Model of regional compeveness: theorecal-methodological analysis and possibilies of applicaon in Serbia [1]
      Model regionalne konkurentnosti: teorijsko-metodološka analiza i mogućnosti primene u Srbiji [1]
      Physical geographic factors of the water balance and the possibilities for a sustainable use of water resources in the Timok River basin [1]
      Quality of agritourism in Vojvodina and its impact on residents’ attitudes [1]
      Sustainable tourism in national parks in Serbia [1]
      Атмосферска циркулација као фактор просторне расподеле температура ваздуха и падавина у Србији [1]
      Генерални план Београда 1923 компарација планираног и оствареног [1]