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Облици сарадње СР Југославије са новонасталим балканским државама

dc.creatorРадаковић, Милован
dc.description.abstractThe paper by Milovan Radakovic points to the political economic and military dimension between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the new states created in the Balkans - the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. These states all border with the FR of Yugoslavia, so the development of political, economic and military relations among these states and the FR of Yugoslavia considerably affect overall stabilization of political circumstances in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and beyond. The author relates the political systems of the new states, winch have evolved from their respective constitutional orders. He analyzes the military potentials of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, as well as economic ties and the interdependence of the new states and the FR of Yugoslavia. The author offers as well an analysis of the entirely new political role of Yugoslavia's former neighbors - Austria Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania.en
dc.description.abstractAutor ukazuje na političku, ekonomsku i vojnu dimenziju odnosa SRJ i novih država nastalih na tlu Balkana sa kojima se ona neposredno graniči. Republiku Hrvatsku, Bosnu i Hercegovinu i BJR Makedoniju. Dat je prikaz ustava novih država i analiza vojnih mogućnosti Republike Hrvatske, Bosne i Herceovine i Makedonije, kao i ekonomske veze i međuzavisnosti novih država na Balkanu i SR
dc.titleForms of cooperation between FR of Yugoslavia and the newly created Balkan statesen
dc.titleОблици сарадње СР Југославије са новонасталим балканским државамаsr
dcterms.abstractRadaković, Milovan; Oblici saradnje SR Jugoslavije sa novonastalim balkanskim državama;
dc.citation.other(29): 381-403

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