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      Faschismus und Religion [1]
      Fleet Kate: The Ottoman empire in the eighteenth century, Oriente Moderno, nuova serie XVIII (LXXIX), 1 (Napoli 1999) [1]
      Flesh and bones: On literary and real codes in fairy tales [1]
      Foreword - The Eightieth Anniversary of the Institute for Balkan Studies (1934–2014) [1]
      Forms of cooperation between FR of Yugoslavia and the newly created Balkan states [1]
      Fotografski putopis Beograda Ivana Gromana. Jedan drugačiji pogled na fotografski opus I. Gromana [1]
      France and the Austrian Empire 1815-1918 [1]
      France and the Serbian government's Yugoslav project [1]
      Franchet d’Espèrey et la politique balkanique de la France 1918–1919 [1]
      Franco-Serbian relations within the Armée D'Orient 1915-1918 [1]
      František Alexander Zach 1807–2007. Ed. by Ladislav Hladký and Václav Štĕpánek. Brno: Institute for Slavic Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Masaryk University–Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic–Society of South-Slavic Friendship in the Czech Republic, 2007, pp. 80 [1]
      Franziska Zaugg, Albanische Muslime in der Waffen-SS: Von „Grossalbanien“ zur Division „Skanderbeg“. Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag, 2016, 347 p. [1]
      French Influence in Serbia 1835-1914. Four Generations of 'Parisians' [1]
      Frédéric le Moal: La France et l'Italie dans les Balkans 1914-1919. Le contentieux adriatique. L'Harmattan, Paris, 2006, pp. 407, and La Serbie, du martyre à la victoire, 1914-1918, Paris, 14-18 éditions, 2008, pp. 253 [1]
      From Ankara to Bled Marshal Tito's Visit to Greece (June 1954) and the Formation of the Balkan Alliance [1]
      From Paris to Lausanne: Aspects of Greek-Yugoslav Relations during the First Interwar Years (1919–1923) [1]
      From Rigas Velestinlis to Ivo Andrić: Serbo-Greek literary mutualities [1]
      From the history of Serbian question in Macedonia: Culturological aspect [1]
      G. Podskalsky, Theologische Literatur des Mittelalters in Bulgarien und Serbien 865-1459, Editions Beck, Munich, 2000 [1]
      Gábor Ágoston: Guns for the sultan. Military power and the weapons industry in the Ottoman Empire, Cambridge university press, 2005 [1]