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      Carrying Their Native Land and Their New Home in Their Hearts Mihailo Pupin and Bishop Nikolai of Žiča between Their Native and Adopted Country [1]
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      Clerical program of the Roman Catholic Church in Croatia for the 20th century [1]
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      Clothing as a Symbol of Charity and Soul Salvation in Late Medieval Kotor (Cattaro) [1]
      Conflicts over Dobruja during the Great War [1]
      Contacts between Duklja/Zeta and the Apennine Peninsula in the Middle Ages as a Topic in Montenegrin Periodicals in 1835–1941 [1]
      Coping with Extortion on a Local Level: The Case of Hilandar’s Metochion in Zdravikion (Draviskos, Strymon Region) in the Sixteenth Century [1]
      Coping with Socially Sensitive Topics. Discourse on Interethnic Marriages among Elderly Members of the Serbian Minority in Hungary [1]
      Count Čedomilj Mijatović, a leading Serbian anglophile [1]
      Creating a Communist Yugoslavia in the Second World War [1]
      Cretan literature in late venetocracy: A general review of literary procedures [1]
      Crisis and armament economic relations between Great Britain and Serbia 1910-1912 [1]
      Critias and Democracy [1]
      Crna Gora u svesti jednog britanskog diplomate. Izveštaj pukovnika Hjua Rouza iz 1852 [1]
      Croatian Pretensions to Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1848 [1]