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Review of Music: Forgotten Musical Magazine of Inter-War Belgrade

dc.contributorЈовановић, Јелена
dc.creatorВасић, Александар
dc.identifier.issn1450-9814 (print)
dc.identifier.issn2406-0976 (online)
dc.description.abstractОд јануара до јуна 1940. у Београду је излазила Ревија музике. Часопис је био окренут популаризацији класичне музике, али су на његовим страницама били заступљени и други садржаји: филм и филмска музика, џез, позориште, балет, књижевност, ликовне уметности, мода, па чак и спорт. Часопис је у сваком броју доносио нотни прилог – композиције популарне музике онога времена, за глас и клавир. У овој студији износе се темељне карактеристике часописа, његов профил и концепција, а пажња се задржава на анализи текстова о класичној музици.sr
dc.description.abstractThe monthly magazine Review of Music was published six times in Belgrade from January to June 1940. Each edition comprised thirty-two pages, half of which were devoted to a sheet-music supplement, popular compositions of the time for voice and piano. Review of Music published 222 articles and scores in total. The aim of the magazine was to popularise classical music, but it also encompassed jazz, flms and flm music, theatre, literature, fashion, and even sport. Review of Music was different from all other Serbian inter-war music magazines, not only because of its wide range of topics, but also because it published anonymous articles, probably taken from other sources, but it is not known from where. This study analyses the articles about classical music in Review of Music. In several short chapters the author presents the concept of the magazine, its genre structure, themes addressed, and the style of its music writers. Selected examples show that article authors tended to exploit elements of narrative (with an emphasis on impressive details), humour, and moral teaching. The authors also especially emphasized the neutral attitude of Review of Music towards contemporary music, although the magazine published different views of contemporary composers concerning the aesthetics of modern music. Review of Music started four months after Germany invaded Poland. However, in the journal references to social and political events are non-existant. The journal seems to have been interested only in culture and the arts. However, the author of this study presents examples in which the political circumstances of the time can be perceived. One of these examples is the visit of the Frankfurt Opera House to Belgrade in 1940. That extraordinary cultural event was attended by Prince Paul Karađorđević and Princess Olga, the Yugoslav Prime Minister, and almost all other government ministers. In this news, any authority on the political situation of the time could see that the Yugoslav government and the political elite took care of delicate relations with Germany at that time. This is the frst study to analyse the concept and content of classical music in Review of Music. This magazine is certainly an interesting source, not only for the history of Serbian music periodicals, but also for cultural historyen
dc.publisherБеоград : Музиколошки институт Српске академије наука и уметностиsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/177004/RS//sr
dc.sourceМузикологија / Musicology
dc.subjectРевија музике (1940)sr
dc.subjectсрпска музичка периодика – XX векsr
dc.subjectМарија Шмолка Зоњиsr
dc.subjectпопуларизација класичне музикеsr
dc.titleРевија музике, заборављени музички часопис међуратног Београдаsr
dc.titleReview of Music: Forgotten Musical Magazine of Inter-War Belgradeen
dcterms.abstractVasić, Aleksandar; Revija muzike, zaboravljeni muzički časopis međuratnog Beograda;

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