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      The traditional and modern in church music: A study in canon and creativity [1]
      The traditions of orthodox music: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music i Druga Međunarodna konferencija u organizaciji ISOCM - komponovanje i pojanje u Pravoslavnoj crkvi [1]
      The traditions of orthodox music: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, and the Second International Conference organized by ISOCM: Composing and Chant in the Orthodox Church [1]
      The use of metaphorical musical terminology for verbal description of music [1]
      The Vienna New Year's Concert as a Media Phenomenon [1]
      The word and music of epic song: From syncretism to sung poetry [1]
      The Works Commisioned by Belgrade Music Festival (BEMUS) 2002–2013: Contemporary Music Creation in a Transitional Society [1]
      Theoretical Synthesis of Ethnomusicology and Performance Studies based on the example of Concert: Performance as a forming process of Starogradska Muzika [1]
      This is the Balkans: Constructing positive Stereotypes about the Balkans and Autobalkanism [2]
      Time tiiime tiiiiiime: Consideration of the Problem of Musical Time in the Example of Vlastimir Trajković's Poetics and the Thomas Clifton's Aesthetics [1]
      Time Tiiime Tiiiiiime: Considering the Problem of Musical Time on the Example of Vlastimir Trajković’s Poetics and Thomas Clifton’s Aesthetics [1]
      Tipikom nepropisane pričasne pesme u novijoj tradiciji srpskog crkvenog pojanja [1]
      Towards the Audiovisual Ethnomusicology: The Contribution from the Research of Serbian Epics [1]
      Traces of Мusic Carved in Wax: The Collection of Phonographic Recordings from the Institute of Musicology SASA [1]
      Tradicionalno i moderno u crkvenoj muzici - ogled o kanonu i inventivnosti [1]
      Traditional Music and the Anatomy of the Festival Network Between Yugoslavian Cultural Politics and Vernacular Values [1]
      Transition in the PGP-RTB/PGP-RTS Reflected in the Classical Music Editions [1]
      Tumačenje umetničkih praksi u diskursu Antonija Gramšija. Ka konstruisanju gramšijevske analize muzike u modernim i postmodernim društvima [1]
      Twelfth Congress of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF) – Zagreb, 21–25 June 2015 [1]
      Two Views on the Yugoslav Ideology in Serbian Music Periodicals Between the Two World Wars [1]