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      The importance of Digitization of Music Collection at Institute of Musicology Sasa [1]
      The influence of the singer’s personality on traditional singing practice: Young vs. old [1]
      The Interpretation of Artistic Practices in Gramsci’s Discourse: Towards the Gramscian Analysis of Music of Modern and Postmodern Times [1]
      The multifaceted artistic activity of Predrag Milosevic (1904-1988) [1]
      The Phonoarchive of the Institute of Musicology SASA: A Product and a Protagonist of the State Science and Cultural Policy [1]
      The reception of west European music in Belgrade between world wars: On the examples of 'Muzički glasnik' and 'Muzika' magazines [1]
      The Relation of Music Archiving and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Serbia [1]
      The Relentless Pursuit of Tone: Timbre in Popular Music, Robert Fink, Melinda Latour, Zachary Wallmark (eds.), New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. [1]
      The Repetoire оf The Opera оf the National Theatre In Belgrade (1970–1990) [1]
      The role of Russian emigrants in the rise of popular culture and music in Belgrade between two world wars [1]
      The Role of Studying Music in Forming of Cultural Identity - Mokranjac in High School Education [1]
      The Societies of Folklorists as Incentives for Interdisciplinarity: The Experiences of Ethnomusicology within the Association of the Societies of Yugoslav Folklorists [1]
      The Soundscape of Change: The Reculturalization of Savamala [1]
      The status of chanting codices in the Serbian chant tradition [1]
      The Stockhausen Composition and Interpretation Courses [1]
      The Structural Transformation of the Sphere of Musical Amateurism in Socialist Yugoslavia : a Case Study of the Beogradski Madrigalisti Choir [1]
      The temporal dimension of epic songs [1]
      The traditional and modern in church music: A study in canon and creativity [1]
      The traditions of orthodox music: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music i Druga Međunarodna konferencija u organizaciji ISOCM - komponovanje i pojanje u Pravoslavnoj crkvi [1]
      The traditions of orthodox music: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, and the Second International Conference organized by ISOCM: Composing and Chant in the Orthodox Church [1]