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      After Zero Hour: States as “Custodians of Universal Human Culture,” or “Guardians of Advanced Art” [1]
      All-Slavic Idea Within the Association of Musicians of the Kingdom of SCS/Yugoslavia in the 1920s: Initiatives, Activities, Results [1]
      America is another world: Conversation with composer Nataša Bogojević [1]
      Amerika je drugi svet - razgovor sa kompozitorkom Natašom Bogojević [1]
      An unintended dialogue between 'materialists' and 'idealists': The essays on west European art music in the 'Zvuk' magazine (1932-1936) [1]
      Ana Hofman: Staging socialist femininity: Gender politics and folklore performance in Serbia, Brill, Leiden - Boston, 2011 [1]
      Analiza ritma policijske krajine: obljuba ekološkega preobrata v praksi študija zvočnih krajin [1]
      Analytical and Cross-Cultural Studies in World Music, Michael Tenzer, John Roeder (ур), Oxford University Press, 2011, стp. Х+461 [1]
      Ancient Greek Mythology Mediated by Latin Culture: on Vlastimir Trajković's Arion and Zephyrus Returns [1]
      Annual concerts of cultural-artistic associations in Serbia : the clash of two different Concepts of professionalization [1]
      Annulling the Trauma: Neoclassicism as a Modernist (?) Antidote to Society’s Ills [1]
      Apple on the Moon: Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Telemusik [1]
      Applied Ethnomusicology in Serbia: Politics and Policies of Serbian Ethnomusicological Society [1]
      Approaches to Ancient Greek Mythology in Contemporary Serbian Music: Ideological Contexts [1]
      Archaïque rétabli: Vers Byzance..., Concerto pour alto et et orchestre à cordes d’Ivan Jevtić [1]
      Arhai's Balkan Folktronica: Serbian Ethno Music Reimagined for British Market [1]
      Aria Džona Kejdža sagledana kroz prizmu kontekstualne uslovljenosti [1]
      Audio collection in the SASA Institute of Musicology [1]
      Audiovisual Ethnomusicology: Report [1]
      Avant-Garde Echoes in the Neither/Nor State. A Musicologist’s View on the Dissemination of Avant-Garde Movements [1]