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      Moderated Modernism and Socially Appropriate Paraphrase: Two late works by Stanojlo Rajičić [1]
      Monstrous Voice? Extended Vocal Techniques in Extreme Metal Music [1]
      Motifs folkloriques dans les compositions d’Ivan Jevtić pour quintette de cuivres [1]
      Multiculturalism of Kosovo and Metohija in the 1950s and 1960s Expressed in Traditional Music [1]
      Music allies: French influences and role models in ‘Cvijeta Zuzorić’ Society of Friends of Art [1]
      Music as a Mediator in the Process of Political and Cultural Transition: The Creation of Yugoslav Music in Radio Belgrade (1929-1941) [1]
      Music Festivals as a Reflection of Cultural Policy During the Cold War : from Warsaw Autumn to Zagreb Music Biennale [1]
      Music in Serbian documentary prose in the second half of the XIX century [1]
      Music in Yugoslav primary and secondary Schools between two World Wars: theoretical, pedagogical and sociopolitical dimensions [1]
      Music of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov in the Light of Belgrade Criticism Between the Two World Wars [1]
      Music of the Lost Generation: Serbian Émigré composers [1]
      Music of the lost Generation: Vuk Kulenović’s “American Story” [1]
      Music practices and media technology: Knowledge on technology in music history [1]
      Music Publishing Between Two World Wars as a Source for the Research of the Expansion of Popular Music in Yugoslavia: The Examples of Publishing Houses of Jovan Frajt and Sergije Strahov [1]
      Musical Elephants: How did we come to this? [1]
      Musical Genre as an Indicator of the Unity in Diversity Concept: Case Study of the ESC's Winning Song Hard Rock Hallelujah [1]
      Musical Performances and Musicians In Belgrade Taverns from the beginning of Radio Belgrade Broadcasting until World War Two [1]
      Musical programme of Radio Belgrade between two world wars and the phenomenon of national and cultural “pedagogy” [1]
      Musicals in Serbia in the New Millenium: Strategies, Achievements, Challenges [1]
      Musicology in the Context of Media - Media in the Context of Musicology [1]