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      "A Personal View on the Matter" - Dragutin Gostuški's TV series "The Birth of Serbian Music Culture" [1]
      "The Most Important Role Performer Can Take On Is To Promote New Music": Interview with Nataša Penezić [1]
      "Металци, хипици и остали манијаци" - метал музика у Југославији [1]
      "Један лични поглед на ствари" - телевизијски циклус "Рађање српске музичке културе" Драгутина Гостушког [1]
      'Ej, Rudniče, ti planino stara - Tradicionalno pevanje i sviranje grupe Crnućanka: Muzikološki institut SANU, Beograd + Kulturni centar, Gornji Milanovac + Vukova zadužbina, Beograd, 2003 [1]
      'Muzički glasnik' 1922 - estetički i ideološki aspekti [1]
      'The Music Herald' 1922: A esthetical and ideological aspects [1]
      (Re)creating the (folk music) tradition: The national competition of brass orchestras at the Dragačevo Trumpet Festival [1]
      100 Years Later: Conversations About Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac [1]
      100 година касније: разговори о Мокрањцу [1]
      100 година касније: Разговори о Стевану Стојановићу Мокрањцу [1]
      2nd Research Symposium on Social Impact of Making Music 2017, London: Guildhall School of Music and Drama, 8—9 July 2017 [1]
      A few Thesis on Moderated Modernism and Tradition [1]
      After The Golden Period: Opera of the Belgarde National Theatre (1971–2011) [1]
      After Zero Hour: States as “Custodians of Universal Human Culture,” or “Guardians of Advanced Art” [1]
      America is another world: Conversation with composer Nataša Bogojević [1]
      Amerika je drugi svet - razgovor sa kompozitorkom Natašom Bogojević [1]
      An unintended dialogue between 'materialists' and 'idealists': The essays on west European art music in the 'Zvuk' magazine (1932-1936) [1]
      Ana Hofman: Staging socialist femininity: Gender politics and folklore performance in Serbia, Brill, Leiden - Boston, 2011 [1]
      Analytical and Cross-Cultural Studies in World Music, Michael Tenzer, John Roeder (ур), Oxford University Press, 2011, стp. Х+461 [1]