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      Sanela Nikolić: Avangardna umetnost kao teorijska praksa: Black Mountain College, Darmštatski internacionalni letnji kursevi za Novu muziku i Tel Quel [1]
      Sanja Ranković: Vokalna tradicija Lijevča polja i Potkozarja - narodna pesma kao deo kulturnog identiteta, Srpsko prosvjetno i kulturno društvo "Prosvjeta", Laktaši 2007; CD izdanje: Kad Ljevčansko žito zatalasa - muzička tradicija Lijevča polja i Potkozarja, Srpsko prosvjetno i kulturno društvo "Prosvjeta", Kulturno-umjetničko društvo "Slavko Mandić", Laktaši, 2007 [1]
      Scientific Musicological Aspects of the Annual Review of Yugoslav Music (1964-1979) [1]
      Serbian church chant in the service of national ideology [1]
      Serbian cultural and singing treasure of Upper Banat [1]
      Serbian cultural and singing treasure of Upper Banat: Confrontation and fusion of two cultural idioms [1]
      Serbian music criticism in the first half of the twentieth century: Its canon, its method and its educational role [1]
      Serbian musical criticism and essay writings during the XIXth and the first half of the XXth century as a subject of musicology research [1]
      Serbian Еcclesiastical Chanting for the Glory of God and in the Service of the Nation [1]
      Serbian-Russian Relations in Choral Church Music of the Nineteenth Century [1]
      Silentium est aurum: тишина у филму на примеру филмова Le Samouraï (1967), Goya’s Ghosts (2006), The Artist (2011) и Acts of Vengeance (2017) [1]
      Singing Epic Songs Accompanied by the Gusle with Asynchronous Segmentation of the Musical and Poetic Flow [1]
      Singing to the Accompaniment of the Gusle in Serbia: A Living Ancient Performing Art [1]
      Singing Wiht Gusle Accompaniment and the Music Industry: The First Gramophone Records of Gusle Players' Performances (1908−1931/2) [1]
      Socialism or Art: Yugoslav Mass Song and Its Institutionalizations [1]
      Some Aspects of Charles-Valentin Alkan's Piano Style [1]
      Sonata for Viola and Piano Op. 147 by Dmitry Shostakovich [1]
      Song for ‘New’ Europe: Former Yugoslavian Republics on Eurovision Song Contest [1]
      Songbooks, partisan narratives, and producing new core landscapes of socialist Yugoslavia [1]
      Sounding the Turn to the West: Music and Diplomacy of Yugoslavia After the Split With the USSR and the Countries of the “People’s Democracy” (1949–1952) [1]