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      Parenting the Piano: Miroslav Miša Savić's St. Lazarus Waltz [1]
      Past Music, Future Music: Technology and Music Institutions in the 20th Century [1]
      Patterns of music taste as markers of sociocultural transformation in Serbia between the two world wars: The example of Jovan Frajt's music publications [1]
      Performing nation on the move: Travels of the Srpsko akademsko pjevačko društvo 'Balkan' (Serbian Academic Choral Soceity 'Balkan') from Zagreb, 1904–1914 [1]
      Politics in the context of the "opera question" in the National theatre before the First World War [1]
      Popularisation of classical music on the programmes of Radio Belgrade and the records released by PGP RTS [1]
      Preserving the Framing Verse „Оj, ubava, ubava devojko!“ („Oh, you Beautiful Girl“) in the Folklore Singing Praxis of the Svrljig Surroundings [1]
      Problem nacionalnog stila u napisima Miloja Milojevića [1]
      Problem of the 'national style' in the writing of Miloje Milojević [1]
      Proces jugoslovenske integracije u muzici u Kraljevini SHS/Jugoslaviji (1918-1940) [1]
      Process in the aesthetical and theoretical thought of Karlheinz Stockhausen [1]
      Project ‘Digitization and Catalogization of Phonoarchive of the Institute of Musicology SASA’: Experiences and Perspectives [1]
      Questioning the Possibility of Revitalising Traditional Rural Songs in Topola, Serbia [1]
      Radio Art in Musicology: Challenges and Methodologies [1]
      Reality on the Screen: The Subject of the Dystopian Future/ Present. Thoughts on episode “Fifteen Million Merits” of Black Mirror [1]
      Rebecca Jane Bennet and Angela Cresswell Jones (Eds.), The Digital Evolution of Live Music. Kidlington, Chandos Publishing, Elsevier, 2015, 143 pp. ISBN 978-0-08-100067-0 [1]
      Recepcija zapadnoevropske muzike u međuratnom Beogradu - primer časopisa Muzički glasnik i Muzika [1]
      Recordings of the traditional music from Kosovo and Metohija from the Archive of the Musicological institute of the SASA: field research in the interest of science and culture [1]
      Recordings of Traditional Music from the Archive of the Institute of Musicology SASA as the Sources for History of the Folk Culture of Kosovo and Metohija Region [1]
      Reč i melodija u stvaralaštvu Momčila i Svetomira Nastasijevića [1]