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      O multikulturalnom i interkulturalnom pristupu u tumačenju pojačke tradicije pravoslavnih naroda na Balkanu - slučaj 'Grčke' i 'zapadnoevropske' škole u vizantološkoj muzikologiji [1]
      O napevu u pravoslavnom crkvenom pojanju - prilog tipologiji crkvenih napeva [1]
      Od stenografske do analitičke neumske notacije na primeru Stihirara Germana, episkopa Nove Patre [1]
      On Developing a Methodology for Research of Musical Borrowing. Case Studies: Serbian Composers of the 1950s [1]
      On Missed Opportunities: The International Review of Composers in Belgrade and the “Postsocialist Condition” [1]
      On the multicultural and intercultural approach to interpreting singing traditions of orthodox peoples in the Balkans: The case of 'Greek' and 'Western European' school in Byzantine musicology [1]
      On the orthodox church melos: A contribution to the typology of church chant [1]
      On the Third Part Melody of the Christmas Kontakion (Djeva Dnes) [1]
      On the Trace of Unnoted Church Melodies From the Time of Turkocraty [1]
      On the working process in writing of the neumed book and its function in the Byzantine chant tradition (The contribution to the methodology of music literacy phenomenon) [1]
      On тhe Chanting Space аnd Hymns That Were Sung In It. Searching for Chanting-Architectural Connections in the Middle Ages [1]
      Opera Productions of the Belgrade National Theatre at the Beginning of the 20th Century Between Political Rivalry and Contested Cultural Strategies [1]
      Opera Simonida by Stanojlo Rajičić as a Synthesis of Composer's Creative Strivings [1]
      Operne produkcije v beograjskem Narodnem gledališču na začetku 20. stoletja med političnim rivalstvom in spornimi kulturnimi strategijami [1]
      Organisation of musical parameters in Josip Slavenski's Third String Quartet [1]
      Overlapping Paradigms: Exploring the Notion of Performance from the Viewpoints of Musicology and Performance Studies [1]
      Overlapping Paradigms: Exploring the Notion of Performance from Viewpoints of Musicology and Performance Studies [1]
      Parenting the Piano: Miroslav Miša Savić's St. Lazarus Waltz [1]
      Past Music, Future Music: Technology and Music Institutions in the 20th Century [1]
      Patterns of music taste as markers of sociocultural transformation in Serbia between the two world wars: The example of Jovan Frajt's music publications [1]