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      Identities expressed through practice of kaval playing and building in Serbia in 1990s [1]
      Ideologies and Discourses: Extreme Narratives in Extreme Metal Music [1]
      Ideology of the Opera Diva in the Case of the Opera of the National Theatre in Belgrade [1]
      In the Orbit of Shostakovich : Vasilije Mokranjac's Symphonies [1]
      INSAM Journal of Contemporary Music, Art and Technology 1 (I/2018) [1]
      INSAM Journal of Contemporary Music, Art and Technology 2 [1]
      INSAM Journal of Contemporary Music, Art and Technology 3 (II/2019) [1]
      Institucionalizacija guslarske prakse i tradicija epskog pevanja uz gusle: jugoslovenski i postjugoslovenski kontekst [1]
      Institutionalization of Ethnochoreology in Serbia: the Legacy of Ljubica Janković at the Institute of Musicology SASA [1]
      Institutionalization of Musicology in the Light of New Cultural Politics of Yugoslavia [1]
      Intensifying the Monstrous: Extended Vocal Techniques in Extreme Metal Music [1]
      Introduction: Music and ethnomusicology – encounters in the Balkans [1]
      Ivan Jevtić – compositeur serbe avec une adresse parisienne et une réputation internationale [1]
      Izdanja ozbiljne muzike u PGP-RTB/PGP-RTS-u: licencna izdanja [1]
      Izdanja ozbiljne muzike u PGP-RTS-u [1]
      Jacques Attali's Concept of the Political Economy of Music in the Context of the Recording Industry in Former Yugoslavia [1]
      Janáček’s and Freud’s Vienna: the Fight for Recognition of Two Great Contemporaries [1]
      John Cage's Aria viewed through the prism of contextual determination [1]
      Josip Slavenski's Moving Pictures - Music for Chamber Orchestra [2]
      Josip Slavenski: Sinfonia Orienta, a Synthesis of an Opus [1]