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      'Еј, Рудниче, ти планино стара: Традиционално певање и свирање групе "Црнућанка" [1]
      Contributions aux biographies des musiciens Serbes [1]
      Davorin Jenko and His Time [1]
      Die Violine, ihre geschichte und ihre konstruktion [1]
      Évolution historique des instruments à archet [1]
      From Polystylism to Meta-Pluralism: Essays on Late Soviet Symphonic Music [1]
      Hey, Rudnik, you old mountain: Traditional Singing and Playing by the "Crnućanka" Group [1]
      Josip Slavenski in der Korrespondenz mit Ludwig und Willy Strecker, den Direktoren des Verlags Schott, Mainz [1]
      Mélodies populaires de la Krajina [1]
      Musical instruments in medieval Serbia [1]
      Octoeshos in tne musical tradition of Soutnern Slavs [1]
      Orthodox chanting in the Balkans in the example’s of Greek and Serbian traditions Between East and West, ecclesiology and ideology [1]
      Osmoglasnik u muzičkoj tradiciji Južnih Slovena [1]
      Predrag Milošević - portret muzičkog stvaraoca [1]
      Serbian Musical Theatre: Historical Fragments [1]
      Serbian Traditional Singing Accompanied by the Gusle: the Guslars’ Practice as a Communication Process [1]
      Stage Folk Dance and Music : Processes of (re)defining structural, dramaturgical and aesthetic aspects of stage presentation of traditional dance and dance-music in Serbia [1]
      Teorija i praksa Gesamtkunstwerka u XX i XXI veku : operski ciklus Svetlost/ Licht Karlhajnca Štokhauzena [1]
      The Social Role of the Salon Music in the Life and the Value System of the Serbian Citizens in the 19 Century [1]
      Time of Art: contribution to the foundation of a general science of form [1]