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      "Olujaci" by Ivo Andrić and the tradition notions about other world and folklore model of getting married far away [1]
      "Олујаци" Иве Андрића - о традиционалном доживљају оностраног и неким елементима фолклорног модела удаје на далеко [1]
      A forgotten thespian Dragomir Janković [1]
      A woman as a heroine of self-liberation : (Ivo Andrić’s "Zlostavljanje" story) [1]
      Alphabet and Orthography-Related Problems in the Serbian Society of Letters [1]
      An outline of the history of the poetics of Serbian poetry [1]
      Andrić’s Bosnia – the understanding of other in between of poetics and ideology [1]
      Andrić’s first collection of narratives – selection and composition [1]
      Andrić’s language expression – in the light of the contemporary theoretical stances on the Serbian literary language [1]
      Andrić’s rings (the poetics of the composition of Andrić’s novels) [1]
      Andrić’s Signs by the roadside – road through the signs [1]
      Andrić’s The house on its own as a model of narrative wedge in modern Serbian literature [1]
      Anglizmi u hrvatskome nazivlju [1]
      Aporien der Periodisierung der Literatur [1]
      Aristophanes' Frogs in an unpublished translation by Miloš N. Đurić [1]
      Avant-Garde as the poetics of a new evaluation of tradition [1]
      Beginning of theater life in Niš (1887–1914) [1]
      Belgrade war stories by Ivo Andrić: a path to inner writer’s biography [1]
      Branislav Nušić as a manager of theatres in Belgrade (1900–1902), Novi Sad (1904–1905) and Skoplje (1913–1915) [1]
      Branko Radičević’s representations of poet and the poetics of Serbian romanticism [1]