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      Serbian literature at the crossing between middle and new ages [1]
      Sima Milutinović Sarajlija and the Society of Serbian Letters [1]
      Skerlićs Periodisierung der neuen serbischen Literaturgeschichte [1]
      Slovanská onomastická terminologie v mezinárodním kontextu [1]
      Slovenská onomastická terminológia [1]
      Society of Serbian Letters and the development of disciplines in Serbian literary science [1]
      Terminologija kao deskriptivna ili preskriptivna znanost – stanje u Hrvatskoj [1]
      Terminološko svetovanje: izkušnje in perspektive [1]
      The Folk Names Of Fruits Among Serbs And The Criteria For Their Stratification [1]
      The Interpretation Of Linguistic And Grammatical Terms In A Bilingual Dictionary (Based On The New Turkish-Serbian Dictionary / Yeni Turkce-sirpca Sozluk) [1]
      The Logical Background Of Serbian Linguistic Terms Ending In -Ica And –Ina (From Space To Language – The Motion Of Suffixes In The “Quantities” Category) [1]
      The periodization of 20th century Serbian poetry [1]
      The possibilities of periodization of contemporary Serbian literature [1]
      The role of the Society of Serbian Letters in the development of Serbian lexicology and lexicography [1]
      The Sasa Dictionary As A Base For Terminological Dictionaries (On The Example Of Culinary Vocabulary) [1]
      The Society of Serbian Letters and Matica srpska [1]
      The Society of Serbian Letters and the Problem of Creating Terminology [1]
      The Work of Daničić on the History of Language in the Society of Serbian Letters (1857–1861) [1]
      Towards the metodology of human sciences in the Society of Serbian Letters [1]
      Wykorzystanie terminologii w systemie informacyjno-wyszukiwawczym językoznawstwa slawistycznego iSybislaw [1]