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      "Чисте технологије" и очување животне средине у пољопривреди [1]
      A contribution to the study of the plant-land-climate relationships and the application of modern technologies in agriculture [1]
      Amphibians in Serbia today and tomorrow - ecological and economic value [1]
      Anchor for the villages and Serbia [1]
      Application of pesticides in fruit growing [1]
      Application of pesticides in stored product protection [1]
      Aquaculture in service of edangered fish species protection in Serbia [1]
      Arthropod resistance to insecticides and acaricides [1]
      Assessment of energy, environmental and economic impacts of small-scale hydroelectric power plants [1]
      Basic types of private ethno villages in Serbia [1]
      Biology of island populations of lacertid lizards [1]
      Braconid complexes (Hymenoptera,Ichneumonoidea, Braconidae) in Serbia [1]
      Challenges in drinking water supply of rural mountain areas [1]
      Clean technologies and preservation of the environment in agriculture [1]
      Compaction of agricultural soils: causes, consequences and possible solutions [1]
      Concept of construction of SHPP in the aspect of conflict interest and synergic solutions [1]
      Concept of water supply of mountain villages in Serbian national strategic planning document [1]
      Contribution of science and profession in the use of renewable energy sources [1]
      Devices for the application of pesticides [1]
      Dida Hornjak farming household (salaš): economic valorisation of tradition [1]