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О неким особеностима личних заменица у процесу анафоризације

dc.creatorИвић, Милка
dc.description.abstractThe central concern of this article is to bring into sharper focus some problems related to personal pronouns and anaphorization that need to receive their proper share of attention in Slavic grammatical descriptions. The topics examined in the article include: (1) the identification of factors preventing the occurrence of the anaphoric pronoun in a given discourse; (2) the answer to the question why Russian and Polish anaphoric pronominal expressions which substitute for the predicatively used noun do not have analogous equivalents in Modern Standard Serbian; (3) the fact that Slavic languages differ with regard to how they treat anaphoric personal pronouns in relation to "null" anaphor; (4) the phenomenon of the so-called bound I unbound anaphor; (5) the necessity to admit that the anaphorically used Serbian word jedan functions as a discrete marker for the 'indefiniteness' category; (6) the need to get still more insights into what governs the gender agreement in cases when the noun's gender semantics and its morphological gender type are noncongruent.‚.en
dc.description.abstractPredmet ovog izlaganja su takve teme vezane za problem anaforizovanja ličnom zamenicom čijom se adekvatnom razradom obezbeđuju puniji, svestraniji uvidi u slovensku jezičku stvarnost, a kojima odgovarajući gramatički opisi ipak, po pravilu, dosada nisu poklanjali onakvu pažnju kakvu te teme zasluž
dc.sourceЈужнословенски филолог
dc.subjectanaforizovanje zamenicomsr
dc.subjectanaforizovanje elipsomsr
dc.subjectpredikatski nominalni antecedent anaforesr
dc.subjectvezana/nevezana anaforasr
dc.subjectanaforsko jedansr
dc.subjectmorfološko/semantičko kongruiranje po rodu s nominalnim antecedentom anaforesr
dc.titleOn some peculiarities displayed by personal pronouns in the anaphorization processen
dc.titleО неким особеностима личних заменица у процесу анафоризацијеsr
dcterms.abstractIvić, Milka; O nekim osobenostima ličnih zamenica u procesu anaforizacije;
dc.citation.other(59): 1-10

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