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Грамматика русского глагола в словаре

dc.creatorАпресян, Юрий Д.
dc.description.abstractThe subject of the present paper are interactions of the lexical senses of Russian verbs (a) with the grammatical forms of aspect, tense, voice, mood and the like and (b) with the meanings of certain grammemes (such as IMPERF) in cases of their polysemy. An instance of the latter are constraints imposed by the given lexical sense of a verb on the possibility of its use in certain aspectual meanings (progressive, praesens historicum and the like). The focal point of the paper are non-trivial, i.e. lexicalized interactions. Dictionary is the only place where such interactions can be described exhaustively, yet they are completely ignored in most authoritative explanatory dictionaries of Russian. All such interactions are broken into two large groups - paradigmatic (like the ones pointed out in (a) and (b)) and syntagmatic. In the latter group aspect turns out to be the most active grammatical category capable of multifarious interactions with a number of syntactic phenomena, especially with various syntactic forms of implementing the verb's semantic actants, and also with such contextual factors as modality, negation, and parenthesis.en
dc.sourceЈужнословенски филолог
dc.subjectVerbal grammar in a dictionaryen
dc.subjectГраматика глагола у речникуen
dc.subjectлексичко значење и времеen
dc.subjectлексичко значење и гласen
dc.subjectлексичко значење и расположењеen
dc.subjectлексичко значење и видen
dc.subjectвид и рекција глаголаen
dc.subjectвид и модалностиen
dc.subjectвид и негацијаen
dc.subjectвид и парентезаen
dc.subjectlexical senses and tenseen
dc.subjectlexical senses and voiceen
dc.subjectlexical senses and mooden
dc.subjectlexical senses and aspecten
dc.subjectaspect and verbal governmenten
dc.subjectaspect and modalitiesen
dc.subjectaspect and negationen
dc.subjectaspect and parenthesisen
dc.titleVerbal grammar in the Russian explanatory dictionaryen
dc.titleГрамматика русского глагола в словареRUS
dcterms.abstractApresяn, Юriй D.; Grammatika russkogo glagola v slovare;
dc.citation.other(69): 49-73

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