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Osterčeva pisma Milojeviću

dc.creatorMilin, Melita B.
dc.identifier.issn1450-9814 (print)
dc.description.abstractThe correspondence between two of the most important composers in Yugoslavia during the period between the two world wars: Miloje Milojević (1884-1946), a Serb living in Belgrade, and Slavko Osterc (1895-1946), Slovene living in Ljubljana, gives us valuable insight into their musical aspirations ambitions, relations to other colleagues, the functioning of musical institutions and the cultural and even political climate of the times. The stylistic features of their works are basically different, Milojević being a modernist with late romantic roots, while Osterc was inclined to objectivity of the neoclassical and "constructive expressionist type. The main topics of their correspondence include: the activities of the Yugoslav section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, in which they were very much involved, and the efforts they made to have their works performed both in the country and abroad. Milojević and Osterc maintained very good relations throughout the period covered by this exchange of letters, that is from 1933-1941 (Osterc's last letter was sent three months before his death in May 1941) and their correspondence provides evidence of several instances of the mutual generosity, as they helped each other in their careers. The portion of this correspondence that is kept in Ljubljana - Milojević's letters to Osterc - has already been published and analyzed by Dragotin Cvetko. As such, the edition of the remaining correspondence, Osterc's letters to Milojević, that is kept in the private archive of Milojević's grandson Vlastimir Trajković in Belgrade, completes the picture. The language Osterc used was his mother tongue, Slovenian, with "borrowings" from the Serbian, the result being an often amusing mixture of the two.en
dc.description.abstractPrepiska između dva tako značajna umetnika kao što su Miloje Milojević (1884-1946) i Slavko Osterc (1895 -1941) daje mogućnost za uvid ne samo u privatni aspekt njihovog prijateljstva, već i u širu kulturnu, pa i političku klimu vremena - decenije pred Drugi svetski rat. Glavne teme ove prepiske su međusobna obaveštavanja o aktuelnom stvaralačkom radu i trudu da se sopstvena dela javno izvedu i obezbede prikazi u štampi, kao i saradnja sa Međunarodnim društvom za savremenu muziku. Ovim radom se kompletira objavljivanje korespondencije Milojević - Osterc, čiji je jedan deo (Milojevićeva pisma Ostercu) već obradio Dragotin
dc.sourceМузикологија / Musicology
dc.subjectMiloje Milojevićsr
dc.subjectSlavko Ostercsr
dc.subjectsrpska muzikasr
dc.subjectslovenačka muzikasr
dc.titleOsterc's letters to Milojevićen
dc.titleOsterčeva pisma Milojevićusr
dcterms.abstractМилин Мелита Б.; Остерчева писма Милојевићу; Остерчева писма Милојевићу;
dc.citation.other(2): 107-146

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