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      "Thermal diffusivity and electron transport properties of NTC samples obtained by photoacoustic method [1]
      A Detailed XRD and FTIR Analysis of Bi2O3 Doped ZnO-SnO2 Ceramics [1]
      Aerosol synthesis of phosphor based on Eu3+ activated gadolinium oxide matrices [1]
      Aerosol-assisted processing of colloidal TiO2nanoparticles [1]
      Aerosol-assisted processing of Dopamine-TiO2 colloidal solution [1]
      Aerosol-assisted synthesis of hierarchically organized titania and titanates nanostructures [1]
      Analysis of Isothermal Sintering of Zinc-Titanate Doped with MgO [1]
      Application of sonochemistry for formation of nanosized silver and silver/hydroxyapatite composite particles [1]
      Application of the master Sintering Curve Theory to Sintering of BTS FGMs [1]
      Building National Open Science Cloud Initiatives (NOSCIs) in Southeast Europe: supporting research and scholarly communication [1]
      Challenges in Sustainable Use of Lithium for Highly Innovative Final Products Created and Made in Serbia with EU Environmental Standards [1]
      Changes of Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Nickel-Manganite Ceramics Induced by Additional Mechanical Activation [1]
      Characterization of Barium Titanate Ceramics by Impedance Spectroscopy [1]
      Characterization of YAG:Ce powders thermal treated at different temperatures [1]
      Chemical Precipitation Synthesis and Characterization of Zr-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanopowders [1]
      Comparative study of biodegradable polymers on the particle size, surface morphology and encapsulation efficiency of ketoprofen loaded nanoparticles [1]
      Composition, morphology and structure of DLPLG/HAp nanocomposite fabricated in the field of ultrasound [1]
      Corrosion studies of magnesium, aluminum and zinc in citrate containing electrolytes [1]
      Dense spherical rare earth oxide particles synthesis via spray pyrolysis of polimeric precursor solution [1]
      Densification of BTS Functionally Graded Materials during Sintering [1]