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      About the symbolics of ritual behaviour in the folk culture of Serbs [1]
      Alcune chiose sul poema "buffonesco" Libero del Rado Stizuxo di Zuan Polo Liompardi [1]
      Archetypes [1]
      Contribution to the interpretation of a Laza Kostić’s song Nad Kostom Ruvarcem [1]
      Feather grass, mares, Archangel Michael and Saint Nicholas [1]
      From epitaphs, through sonnets, to War friends, from first to second European night [1]
      Independence of early Ragusan renaissance lyric in the oldest period of its duration [1]
      Isidora Sekulić's contribution to the development of contemporary njegošism [1]
      Jens Peter Jacobsen's Niels Lyhne as an intertext for Miroslav Krleža's Filip Latinovicz [1]
      Quotations from the Psalms in the Slavonic translation of John Cantacuzene’s polemical treatises against Muslims and Jews [1]
      Relation between storytelling and death in Priča o vezirovom slonu by Ivo Andrić : genesis [1]
      The grave in Irig [1]
      The symbolic meanings of a candle in Serbian folk culture in the overall Slavic context [1]
      Αντώνιος-Αιμί λιος Ταχιάος (20 Μαΐου 1931-†10 Απριλίου 2018) [1]
      Αντωνιοσ Αιμιλιοσ N. Ταχιαοσ : το επιστημονικο του εργο και η σημβολη του στη εληνικη σλαβολογικη ερευνα [1]
      Антоније Емил Тахиаос : (1931-2018) [1]
      Архетипови [1]
      Белоруско-српски односи као научни проблем : [приступна беседа одржана у САНУ, 26. октобра 2015. године] [1]
      Гола факта [1]
      Гроб у Иригу [1]