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      "Igniting the East" : the causes and consequences of the 1875 peasant revolt in Bosnia-Hercegovina [1]
      "Запалити исток" : узроци и последице Босанско-херцеговачког устанка 1875. године [1]
      About the symbolics of ritual behaviour in the folk culture of Serbs [1]
      Agriculture of Serbia: One hundred years of modernization efforts [1]
      Alcune chiose sul poema "buffonesco" Libero del Rado Stizuxo di Zuan Polo Liompardi [1]
      Aleksandar Arnautović, From pre-grave memoirs (War/Army/ Minister’s Cabinet/Bulgarian war/Albania/Embassy in Paris) [1]
      Archetypes [1]
      Bečkerek Programme [1]
      Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo аssassination in the British press (29 June – 2 July 1914) [1]
      Democratic party and the Cvetković–Maček agreement [1]
      Dilemmas about Načertaniјe [1]
      Double entry bookkeeping in Dubrovnik and Benko Kotruljević (new aspects) [1]
      Feather grass, mares, Archangel Michael and Saint Nicholas [1]
      From epitaphs, through sonnets, to War friends, from first to second European night [1]
      Germany between East and West [1]
      Independence of early Ragusan renaissance lyric in the oldest period of its duration [1]
      Isidora Sekulić's contribution to the development of contemporary njegošism [1]
      Italianisation in Trieste and the еnvirons in the second half of the 19th century [1]
      Jens Peter Jacobsen's Niels Lyhne as an intertext for Miroslav Krleža's Filip Latinovicz [1]
      Kotor patrician family of Biste in the Middle Ages (14th and 15th centuries) [1]