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      Još o izrazima vidi se i vidi mu se [1]
      Još o rečima (likovima) što i šta [1]
      Kirsten Malmkjaer (editor) et al.: The Linguistics Encyclopedia, Sесоnd Edition [1]
      La richesse des couleurs dans la langue ecrite de Desanka Maksimovic [1]
      La stylistique dans l’espace linguistique Serbe - Bref precis historique - [1]
      Language Culture and Standardization of Serbian Language in Sreto Tanasić’s Researches [1]
      Le suffixe -čija/džija en serbe litteraire : Du point de vue stylistique et sémantique [1]
      Les caracteristiques dialectales dans la langue ecrite de Desanka Maksimovic [1]
      Les continuatlons du verbe *duti [1]
      Lexical Morphology, Meaning, and Inflecional Моrphоlogy of the Nouns Ending In -ist(а) [1]
      Lexiсаl Моrрhology And Sемаntісs on the Nоuns Ending in -lас and - теlj In Stаndard Serbіаn [1]
      Linguistic Ideology and the Art of Re-Edition on the Second Edition of Ioann Rajić’s History of Various Slavic Peoples (1823) [1]
      Literary and/or standard Language (A Contribution to a Conceptual and Terminological Differentiation) [1]
      Loans in the Wheel Thrown Pottery Terminology from the Serbian Dialect of Caraşova [1]
      Lеtiliса оr let(j)eliса? [1]
      Marginalia onomastyczne [1]
      Meaning and Context: Some Problems about the Significance and use of Verbal Personal Forms [1]
      Metaphoric Meaning of Zoonyms Relating to Human Charactertraits [1]
      Metaphorical Notion of ’Face’ in the Context of Politeness Theory [1]
      More about the Phenomena of Spoken Language (Descriptive Form of Gossip Discourse) [1]