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      Features of the stereotype „mother“ based on the thesaurus dictionary of the contemporary serbian language [1]
      Figurative Meanings of the Lexems Denoting Geographical and Atmospheric Terms in Serbian Language [1]
      Figures of Speech Of Harmonious Contradiction in Secondary School Students’ Expression [1]
      Folk Terms for Rain with Sun [1]
      For a Rational Approach to the Standardization of Language – An Example from Serbian Syntax [1]
      Forming of Elementary School Textbook Discourse – Rules of Collocation and Concordance [1]
      Forms of the Verbs (-)bd(ј)eti and snabd(ј)eti [1]
      Fremde lexikalische elemente und die kyrillische Schreibweise [1]
      From the History of Serbо-Crоаt Expressions [1]
      From the Language of M. Crnjanski's Novel „Seobe“ („Migrations") (1) [1]
      From the Language of M. Сrnjanski's Novel „Sеоbе“ („Migrations“) (2) [1]
      From the Pоеtic Language of Miloš Сrnjanski – In The Light Of Roman Jakobson’s Theories [1]
      Gemination in Serbian [1]
      General and Normative Personality of some Verbatives -(j)eti, Related -iti According to ’Dictionary of Serbian Language’ in the Editorial Board m. Nikolic [1]
      Gerunds as Condensers of Sentential Meaning in Class Book Literature for Serbian Language [1]
      God-Praying Bird [1]
      Grammatical Features of the Discourse of Electronic Chatrooms [1]
      In the Second Half of the SASA Dictionary : Twenty Volumes of the Serbian Tesaurus [1]
      Indeclinable Adjectives in Serbian Language [1]
      Ironic Idiоms in the Serbіаn Languаgе [1]