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      The Serbian Animal Names Regarding their Gender [1]
      The Similar Syntactic Constituents in Serbian Language – An Object Complement in two Types of Construction: A. Transitive semi-auxiliry verb + object complement B. Transitive verb + object complement [1]
      The Speeches of Montenegro as Part of the Foundations of the Serbian Literary Language [1]
      The Status of Intentional Clauses in the Codes of Law and Legal Acts from the Fifth Decade of the 19th Century [1]
      The Suffixes -ica and -ka in the Language of Petar Kočić [1]
      The Transient Character of Prefixoids in Modern Serbian [1]
      The Treatment of Polysemy and Homonymy in Dialectal Dictionaries [1]
      The Word odnosno in the 19th and in the Beginning of the 20th Century [1]
      The аrсhaic соnjunction pak ("and, but" in the Serbіаn languаgе [1]
      Thе Меaning and Use of the Verb zahvaliti (se) [1]
      To Leave for evil Godmother’s House [1]
      Toward a Usage Codification for the Serbian Standard Language [1]
      Toward possible Clasification of Loan-Words with the most Frequent Greek and Latin Prefixes [1]
      Towards a Morphological Systematization of the Periphrastic Tenses [1]
      Traffic Engineering Terminology in Contemporary Serbian Language [1]
      Translation as a Creative and Linguistic Challenge in Modern Serbian Language [1]
      Trends In Serbіan Text Linguistіcs [1]
      Turcisms in the 20th Volume of the Dictionary of the Serbo-Croation Literary Language and Vernaculars (RSA) [1]
      Two Contributions of S. Novaković to Serbosroatian Accentology [1]
      Types of Epizeuxis and Epanalepsis in the Standard Serbian Language [1]