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      The Deictics of possessive Pronouns in the Antecedent of an Adjective Relative Clause [1]
      The Development of the Understanding of Orthographic Rules in the 19th Century Serbia (On Translation of the Phonemes into the Graphemes and Elementary Orthographic Principle) [1]
      The experiencer and stimulus semantic roles in the argument structure of emotional verbs in the Serbian language [1]
      The Formation of the Vocative Singular of the First Noun Declension in 20th Century Literature [1]
      The Importance of Tanasic’s Researches for the Lexicographic Treatment of Passive Participle in the SASA Dictionary [1]
      The Lectorate of Serbian Language at Faculty of Philosophy Comenius University in Bratislava [1]
      The Lexicographic Aspect of the Lexeme prvenac in the Serbian Language [1]
      The Meaning of Adjectives with ne- Prefix [1]
      The Meaning of Derived Abstract Nouns in the Serbian Language (based on the SANU and Matica Srpska Dictionaries) [1]
      The Metaphor System for Conscience in Serbian Language [1]
      The Morpho-Phonological Structure of some Nouns in Word-Formation of Models with -kinja Suffix [1]
      The Nature of Associative Links in Antonym Pairs [1]
      The Notion Verum Focus and its Signalization in Contemporary Standard Serbian [1]
      The Phonological Structure of the Rhyme and some Aspects of its Realization in the Poetry of Desanka Maksimović [1]
      The Presumption of Communicative Competence in (Written) Bounded Discourse [1]
      The Reflexes of the Final -l in Them Lexeme Zaova in the Speech of the Prizren-Timok Dialect Zone [1]
      The Repetitions which are not Positionally Conditioned in the Works of Miloš Crnjanski [1]
      The Serbian Animal Names Regarding their Gender [1]
      The Similar Syntactic Constituents in Serbian Language – An Object Complement in two Types of Construction: A. Transitive semi-auxiliry verb + object complement B. Transitive verb + object complement [1]
      The Speeches of Montenegro as Part of the Foundations of the Serbian Literary Language [1]