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      Baraba — ein europäischer Dialektismus [1]
      Basic Lexemes of Relative Kinship in „Serbian National Puzzles“ of Stojan Novakovitch [1]
      Basic principles of Mihailo Stevanović in presenting the units of lexical system [1]
      Belic’s Views on Accents and Culture of Speech in the Periodical Naš Jezik from Today’s Perspective [1]
      Call and Guidelines for Collecting Vernacular Lexis (1898): an Important Contribution to Serbian Lexicographical Culture [1]
      Categories of Number and Countability in Serbian Culinary Terms [1]
      Changement de la reequenle elementaire dans les mots dissyllabes avec l'accent deslendant long [1]
      Clauses of Purpose in the Vernacualr of Sirinić [1]
      Cognitive Observations on Phraseological Units Containing Lexeme glava (head) as a Constituent in Serbian Language [1]
      Contents of a Dictionary of new Words [1]
      Contributions to Serbocroatian Etymology (I) [1]
      De la fonction роетique de la languе [1]
      Definite and Indenfinite Adjectives in the Works of Ćamil Sijarić [1]
      Destiny of Cyrillic by Literary and Scientific Testimonies [1]
      Detection of Inconsistencies in the Treatment of Multiple Equivalence: A Prolegomenon [1]
      Dictionaries as Tools of Establishing Authority [1]
      Dictionaries of the Languages of Writers : A Big Task for Our Lexicography [1]
      Die serbische Grammatik von Vladimir Vujić für Gymnasien im fürstentum Serbien (1856) [1]
      Die zusаmmеngesеtztе коnjunktion tim više što [1]
      Discourse of the Description Functioning as Definition [1]