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      faery; Dictionary of the Serbo-Croatian Literary Language and Vernaculars of SASA; national religion; lexicography; lexema [1]
      grammar; morphology; terminology; Serbian; 19th century [1]
      In memoriam [1]
      in memoriam [1]
      lexicographic definition [1]
      lexicographic historiography; lexicographic procedure; a collection of words; Vuk Stef. Karadžić; Dictionary of the Serbian Academy [1]
      lexicographic historiography; lexicographic procedure; Vuk Stef. Karadžić’s Srpski rječnik (1818; 1852); Dictionary of the Serbian Academy; Pera Đorđević; Stojan Novaković [1]
      lexicology; etimology; linguo-geography; balkanisms [1]
      lexicology; fish names; neologism; loanword; shortening derivation (clipping); methaphor [1]
      morphology; personal pronouns; accusative; prepositions; clitic forms [1]
      music; professional lexicon; semantics; verb 'prosvirati/prosviravati' ; verb 'usvirati se/usviravati se' [1]
      Naš jezik (journal); Institute for Serbian Language of SASA; jubilee [1]
      Naš jezik; bibliography [1]
      norm; literary language; vernacular language; grammatical issues [1]
      norm; word formation; suffix; factitive; causative [1]
      odnosno; preposition; explanative conjunction; 19th century [1]
      perfect; perfect II; past; past for the past situation [1]
      Pešter; declension; gender; Serbian dictionaries; newspaper practice [1]
      phytonyms; synonyms; folklore etimology; adaptation; old Slavic letter jat [1]
      polisemy; platisemy; similisemy; semantic realization; semantic variation; polisemantic structure [1]