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Orthodox population in Dalmatia, according to the statistical table from the middle of the 19 th century

dc.creatorПоповић, Мирјана
dc.description.abstractРад се бави анализом демографских прилика у Далматинској епархији на основу табеларног извештаја насталог средином 19. века. Табела садржи називе парохија, број домова и становника, број законито и незаконито рођене деце, број венчаних, умрлих, досељених и одсељених становника у свакој од парохија. Овако детаљни подаци, обједињени на једном месту, пружају могућ- ност за формирање демографске слике православног становништва Далмације и Боке которске у наведеном периоду, што укључује његову распрострањеност, бројност, структуру породице, полну структуру, природни прираштај, миграције. Подаци омогућују препознавање извесних друштвених, економских и здравствених прилика карактеристичних за овај простор и време. Осим тога, у раду су анализиране сличности и разлике у демографској структури северних и јужних делова Далматинске епархије.sr
dc.description.abstractTh e work is based on a chronologically undetermined table of parishes and population of the Dalmatian Episcopate, probably dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Th e table lists parishes, the number of houses and population, number of legitimate and illegitimate births of children, number of married, deceased, settled and emigrated inhabitants in each of the parishes. Th is table provides an opportunity to form a demographic picture of the Orthodox population in the middle of the 19th century, as well as to compare the obtained data in with the similar ones in the entire Dalmatia. Th e Orthodox population was concentrated in the interior of the north and central Austrian province of Dalmatia, as well as in the Boka Kotorska. The Dalmatian eparchy belonged to the parish of Peroj in Istria, which had several hundred inhabitants. At the time of the creation of the table there were 117 parishes in the Diocese, where 77,588 Orthodox Serbs lived, which made up about a fi ft h of the total number of inhabitants of the Austrian Dalmatia. Th e Serbian Orthodox population was the most numerous in the Knin and Kotor municipalities. Regarding the gender structure, the male population was several times more numerous than the female population. Although the population of Dalmatia was constantly growing in the first half of the 19th century, the mortality rate was higher than birth rate at the time, and the Orthodox population recorded a negative population growth, especially in northern Dalmatia. Inspite of everything, the Dalmatians belonged to the most long-lived inhabitants of the Habsburg Monarchy, which is in all likelihood due to the surrounding nature than to the adequate health care. In terms of marriages, about three quarters of the married people married once, and about a quarter remarried. When it comes to the migrations, the majority of the parishioners who emigrated and immigrated were women. During the years of the famine, there were frequent migrations of the Orthodox families to the western parts of Bosnia. Th e demographic conditions diff ered in the northern and southern parts of the Dalmatian diocese. Th e parishes of the northern and central Dalmatia were less populated, in general but more populated by the Orthodox population, with more than a thousand parishioners on average. Also, in these parts, the households were more numerous than in southern areas. At the time of the creation of the table, the fertility rate was relatively even in all parts of the Diocese, but the mortality was higher in the north, which was also refl ected in a negative population growth. Th e general rate of the nuptiality is also even. Immigration cases in the parishes are similar, but more people migrated out of the northern areas.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Српска академија наука и уметностиsr
dc.sourceЗборник о Србима у Хрватскојsr
dc.subjectДалматинска епархијаsr
dc.subjectСрпска православна цркваsr
dc.subjectБока которскаsr
dc.subjectструктура становништваsr
dc.subject19. векsr
dc.titleПравославно становништво Далмације према статистичкој табели из средине 19. векаsr
dc.titleOrthodox population in Dalmatia, according to the statistical table from the middle of the 19 th centuryen
dcterms.abstractPopović, Mirjana; Pravoslavno stanovništvo Dalmacije prema statističkoj tabeli iz sredine 19. veka;
dc.description.otherЗборник о Србима у Хрватској = Recueil des Travaux sur les Serbes en

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