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      "A Personal View on the Matter" - Dragutin Gostuški's TV series "The Birth of Serbian Music Culture" [1]
      "And Pilot from the Albanians". The Beginnings of the Political History of the Albanians [1]
      "Classic" Ethnographic Records: Discourse Analysis from an Ethnolinguistic Standpoint [1]
      "Collaboration, at its Heart, isn't about Control": Interview with Sougwen Chung [1]
      "God doesn't know about Nationalities" : Questioning Religion and Nationalism in Evangelical Communities in Romania [1]
      "Heavy metal na jugoslovenski način" - nastanak i razvoj metal scene u Jugoslaviji [1]
      "How Long Have you Been in the Truth" : Expressing New Forms of Religiosity: Romanian neo-Protestants in Serbia [1]
      "Igniting the East" : the causes and consequences of the 1875 peasant revolt in Bosnia-Hercegovina [1]
      "Iz sveta više nema nikoga da dođe u veru našu": Srbi nazareni u Rumuniji [1]
      "Izgubljeno u prevodu”: Romi u diskursu Srba iz Trešnjevice [1]
      "Model", a Play by Milenko Paunović [1]
      "Naš stranac" ili kontradiktornosti esencijalističkog koncepta nacionalnog identiteta: Poimanje uloge Davorina Jenka u kulturnom životu Beograda (1865-1914) od strane savremenika [1]
      "Olujaci" by Ivo Andrić and the tradition notions about other world and folklore model of getting married far away [1]
      "Our Faith Is Good, but Strict" : The Transformation of the Apostolic Christian Church-Nazarene in North America [1]
      "Playing the Heavy Metal Yugoslav Way" - Emergence and Development of the Metal Scene in Yugoslavia [1]
      "Serbian Language in Emigration"– Serbian Language Idiom in Ljubljana [1]
      "The Most Important Role Performer Can Take On Is To Promote New Music": Interview with Nataša Penezić [1]
      "The Roman History" of Nikephoros Gregoras: historical analysis of his work [1]
      "Thermal diffusivity and electron transport properties of NTC samples obtained by photoacoustic method [1]
      "To be strong and civilised at the same time is very difficult..." musicologists about the politics: Jacques Handschin and Higini Anglés, from the correspondence of the 1930s [1]