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      X-ray analysis of nanostructural calcium phosphate powders obtained by new synthesis procedures [1]
      X-ray emission and Mossbauer spectra and electronic structure of ScFe2Si2 and HfFe2S2compounds [1]
      X-ray properties spectroscopy and electron structure of Ca3Ga2Ge4O14 garnet with dopped Ce (Eu) [1]
      X-ray spectra and electronic structure of the Ca3Ga2Ge3О12 compound [1]
      X-ray spectra, electron structure and physical properties of the Ce2ScSi2 and СеScSi compounds [1]
      Xavier Delamarre, Dictionnaire de la langue gauloise. Une approche linguistique du vieux celtique continental. Paris : Editions Errance, 2018, 440 p. [1]
      Xenakis et le passage vers l'universel [1]
      Xhelal Ylli, Das slavische Lehngut im Albanischen 2. Ortsnamen, Munchen 2000. [1]
      XPS and AES study of mixed layers of RuO2 and IrO2 [1]
      XRD analysis of calcium phosphate and biocomposite calcium phosphate/bioresorbable polymer [1]
      XRD and vibrational spectroscopy investigation of BaTi1-x Snx O3 solid solutions [1]
      XRPD data of β NaY0.78F4:Yb0.2Tm0.02; System 1 EDTA, Experiment 1, Samples Hex, Hex@TiO2 Acac & Hex@TiO2 Acac 300 [1]
      XVI Међународни конгрес слависта [1]
      Y2O3:Yb,Tm and Y2O3:Yb,Ho powders for low-temperature thermometry based on up-conversion fluorescence [1]
      YAG:Ce3+ nanostructured particles obtained via spray pyrolysis of polymeric precursor solution [1]
      Yb3+/Tm3+ doped SrGd2O4 as photoluminescent and photocatalytic material [1]
      Year of construction on a house [2]
      Years of sound living: Mikser festival in Savamala (2012-2016) [1]
      Yeni Türkçe-Sırpça Sözlük`teki Ağız Sözcükleri Üzerine [1]
      Young Bosnia: Literary Action 1908-1914 [1]