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      V. Vinja, Jadranske etimologije [1]
      Valacho-Serbica : Der rumänische Spracheinfluß auf das Serbokroatische und dessen Geographie [1]
      Valacho-Serbica : L'influence de la langue roumaine sur le serbocroate et sa géographie [1]
      Valence Pattern of the Ethno-Dialectal Verb Lexemes in Ritual Food Culture of the Serbian Population in Vojvodina [1]
      Valence State Ce(Yb), Electron Structure and Physical Properties of New Ternary Intermetallic Compounds [1]
      Valentina N. Holopova: Muz'ika kak vid iskusstva, učebnoe posobie, izd. 'Lan'', Sankt-Peterburg, 2000 [1]
      Valorization of walnut shell ash as a catalyst for biodiesel production [2]
      Valtazar Bogišić and the General Property Code for the Principality of Montenegro: Domestic and Foreign Associates [1]
      Values and Attitudes in Language Standardization [1]
      Variants of Traditions on Water Bulls in Southwestern Serbia and Culturally Related Areas [1]
      Variations in ionospheric D-region recombination properties during increase of its X-ray heating induced by solar X-ray flare [1]
      Varied Aspects of the Syntactic Relation Numeral ~ Noun [1]
      Vasilica and self-determination of Roma [1]
      Vasilij Štrandman [Basil de Strandman], Balkanske Uspomene [Balkan Reminiscences]. Belgrade: Žagor, 2009, pp. 466. [1]
      Vasilije Dj. Krestić, Srbi u Ugarskoj 1790–1918 [Serbs in the Kingdom of Hungary, 1790–1918]. Novi Sad: Matica srpska, 2013, pp. 534 [1]
      Vasilije Mokranjac: Complete Piano Works – World Premiere Recording. Ratimir Martinović, piano. Grand Piano, 2 CDs, GP829/30, HNH International LTD, Germany. Distributed by Naxos. [1]
      Vasiljević's Collections of Folk Melodies: A Serbian Musical Treasure [1]
      Vasko Popa: Od zlata jabuka: [приказ] [1]
      Vassilaki Maria: Mother of God, Representations of the Virgin in Byzantine Art, Benaki Museum /20 October 2000 - 20 January 2001/, Athens-Milan 2000 [1]
      Vegetable production increases possibilities through sustainable use of natural resources (in rural areas) [1]