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      M. MacMillan, The War That Ended Peace — The Road to 1914. New York: Random House, 2013 [1]
      Macro and Micro-Scale Features of Thermoelectric PbTe (Br, Na) Systems: Micro-FTIR Spectroscopy, Micro-Seebeck Measurements, and SEM/EDX Observations [1]
      Magazine of Serbian youth in Zagreb “Omladina” (1894–1895) [1]
      Magdalena Slavkova, Циганите Eвангелисте в България [Evangelical Gypsies in Bulgaria]. Sofia: Paradigma, 2007, pp. 373 [1]
      Magic numbers in the music of Sofia Gubaidulina [1]
      Magični brojevi u muzici Sofije Gubajduline [1]
      Magnetic properties of nanostructured SiOo2:Eu3+ powders [1]
      Magnetic properties of nickel manganite obtained by a complex polymerization method [1]
      Magnetically recoverable photocatalysts based on metal oxide nanostructures (Fe and Zn) [1]
      Magneto-optical effects in 1-xAsx with x=0.01: Comparison with topo- logical insulator Bi1-xSbx with x=0.20 [1]
      MAGNETRODE: magnetic multi-pad electrode for FET [1]
      Maintaining ethnic identity: Family patron's day among the Serbs in Budapest and surrounding area [1]
      Making a Case for Balkan Music Studies [1]
      Making a contrastive dictionary: Practical problems [1]
      Malinovac [1]
      Maltose-mediated, long-term stabilization of freeze- and spray-dried forms of bovine and porcine hemoglobin [1]
      Mama, Mati, Majka - Three Words for Three Logical Levels [1]
      Mammal fauna of Serbia - balorisation of functional role and species importance in ecosystems [1]
      Manastir Vaskrsenje Hristovo između religijskih i sekularnih diskursa [1]
      Manche überlegungen zur romanisierung der skordisker [1]