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      The Grammar of Syntactic Coreference [1]
      The Grammatical Categories of the Macedonian Verbal Noun [1]
      The Image of Venice in The Mountain Wreath: some Imagological Observations [1]
      The Imperative in the Vernacular of the Sirinić Župa in the North Šar Mountains [1]
      The Indo-European mini est construction in Slavic [1]
      The informative role of presupositions and implications confirmed by Serbian language data [1]
      The Language of the Story of the Sage Ahiqar From Serbian Manuscript no. 53 of the National Library of Serbia [1]
      The meaning 'localization of object' and its expression in Serbian and Bulgarian [1]
      The Meta Language of a Lexicographic Definition in the Descriptive Dictionary (Based on the Dictionaries of the Serbian Language) [1]
      The Motivation for the Fixed Order of Clitics in Serbo-Croatian [1]
      The perspectivization problem in syntax [1]
      The Phraseological Potential of Body Part Terms Jezik, Uho/Uvo, Mozak and Obraz in Serbian [1]
      The Phraseological Status of the Construction with the Meaning odzvonilo je nekome/nečemu in Slavic Languages [1]
      The place of the palatal affricates ć, đ and č, dž in the sound system of Serbian [1]
      The Preposition Potential in Formation of Conjunctional Means [1]
      The problems of the complex sentences with complements in Bulgarian [1]
      The Qualifying Role of the Genitive Nominal Form with od [1]
      The role of German loanwords in Serbo-Croatian: A sociolinguistic perspective [1]
      The semantics of old church Slavonic dobr'' and blag'' [1]
      The semantics of the term vatra in the dialects of the languages of the Balkan Carpathian area: Based on the general Carpathian dialectal atlas, vol. 1, maps 55-59 [1]