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      Etude historique de la disparition de la rection du verbe dans lеs parlers monténégrins [1]
      Etymology of The Serbian Language (With a Glance at the Past and a Look into the Future) [1]
      Examples of Expressive Prefixation – in the Dialectal Material of the Banjani, Grahovo and Oputne Rudine Speech [1]
      Expressiveness of One-Word Lexemes in Colloquial Speech [1]
      Factors Influencing The Development of Vowels in Slavic Languages [1]
      Faktori koji utiču na razvoj vokala u slovenskim jezicima [1]
      Filologija, knjiga 22–23, Razred za filološke znanosti [1]
      Formes modales avec l'imparfait ou le parfait du verbe biti (etre) + l'infinitif du verbe principal [1]
      Fragments of the Slovenian linguistic picture of Serbia from the last decades of the XIXth century [1]
      France Bezlaj: Zbrani jezikoslovni spisi I-II, Uredila Metka Furlan, Ljubljana 2003, LXII + 1-689, XII + 693-1572 [1]
      Franciszek Sławski (13. V 1916 – 19. I 2001) [1]
      Frazeologizmy: Polskie problemy leksykograficzne [1]
      Free indirect discourse in Spanish and the possibilities of its translation in Serbian [1]
      Free Indirect-Discourse Clauses [1]
      From the expressive prefixation: S.-Cr. kočoperiti se [1]
      From the noun (h)atar 'will, favour, mercy' to the adjective bezajtren 'careless' [1]
      From the research work on Miloš Crnjanski's language: Linguistic synthesis of some examples [1]
      Functional Sentence Perspective in the Slavonic Languages and in English [1]
      Future Iused to Denote Habitual Actions in the Vernacular of the Sirinić Župa in the Northern Šar Mountains [1]
      Fuzzy Logic in Linguistics: its Basic Concepts and Terminology [1]